Program for trade forecasting

Using of this program increase chanses of trader in right decision-making

只需稍稍展望未来,便会觉得我们存在毫无意义。 销售预测、外汇市场预测、宏观经济预测、正确预测的外汇交易市场决策、股票市场和原材料市场。这些都是什么呢?
Program description:

"Trading Forecast" is a program for Russian and international exchange traders interested in obtaining a high-quality forecast of exchange rates and prices on a statistical basis.


Operating principle:

The "Trading Forecast" program collects traders’ personal opinions on the levels of exchange rates, stock prices, etc., and returns a statistically processed value. Furthermore, the program displays opinion changes over time.


Expected efficiency:

Taking into consideration that the forecast is based on real traders’ opinions, the expected efficiency level is 99.9%


 Program users are required to:

  1. actually work as traders

  2. have experience in operating any exchange terminal (program)

  3. demonstrate willingness to share their opinions


 Technical requirements:

  1. at least Pentium 100Mhz processor
  2. at least 512 Mb RAM
  3. internet connection

  4.   any operating system

How to work in the program "Trade Forecast"

Financial instruments, integrated into bookmarks "Currency pairs", "Indices", "Macroeconomic rates (MER)" are located in the left side of the program window. Click mouse on the necessary financial instrument and press the right button. All the available options of data accessing are shown in the appeared context menu. Choose!
Options of data accessing

The options contain the following information:

  • for "Currency pairs" forecasting is executed for time points within the framework of the nearest 24 hours. 8 of such points are chosen:
1. 00 p.m. (GMT +0)
2. 03 a.m. (GMT +0)
3. 06 a.m. (GMT +0)
4. 09 a.m. (GMT +0)
5. 12 a.m. (GMT +0)
6. 15 p.m. (GMT +0)
7. 18 p.m. (GMT +0)
8. 21 p.m. (GMT +0)

Thus, suggesting in the opinion “at 15 p.m.” as much as you say the following: "I think that at 15 p.m. the rate of particular currency pair will be equal to the such-and-such value" (for the category "Professional") or "I think that until 15 p.m. you should do particular action with particular currency pair" (sale/buy for the category "Amateur").
Upon occurrence of 15 p.m. (GMT +0) forecast data is removed and a new round of forecast starts now for the time point "15 p.m. of the next calendar day".
Furthermore, for the category "Amateur" there is information available "for now" (i.e. what should be done with particular currency pair at present moment).
For the category "Professional" there is information available at "turning point" (i.e. when moving direction of trend or price shall change).

  • for "Indices" all similarly to currency pairs, except the moment that in indices you can get information both on indices and on companies, forming the index.

  • for "MER" forecasting is executed for one time point "the nearest date of index output". Each index has its own output date.
"Amateur" or "Professional"
Opinions on currency pairs and indices in the category "Amateur" are passed in simplified version - "Sale" or "Buy", on MER it is "Better/Worse".
Receipt of information in this category is cheaper than in the category "Professional".

In the category "Professional" opinions are passed in the form of specific digital rate value. Such information allows drawing up more correct forecasts. Receipt of information in this category is more expensive than in the category "Amateur".

Main rules
  1. In order to receive information you should firstly state your opinion. Press button “Receive information” and in the appeared window you should mention what do you think about the rate or action (sale/buy, better/worse, numerical value).
  2. Each receipt of information is paid. Information in the category "Professional" is more expensive than in the category "Amateur". State of your account is shown at the bottom in the status line of the program window.

Processed opinions of traders are presented in diagrams in candle (for the category "Amateur") or linear (for the category "Professional") forms. There is a scale for time scaling above the diagrams. Minimum time measure is 1 minute.
If you approach mouse cursor to the candle or to the point on the diagram, pop-up tip will show the detailed information on number of opinions, mentioned for particular time period, percentage correlation of these opinions (for candle diagram) and specific time of output for this data.

Bonuses, payments and discounts

  Upon registration you are credited with bonus. Within this bonus you can get acquainted with the system, perform test receipt of information. You can see information on state of your account in the status line at the bottom of the program. 
In the sequel when the program shall start working on the paid basis, you can top up your account via "Personal cabinet" on the site. You can find information about discounts on the site page "Cost".

  Removing the installed program

Click Start, click "Trade Forecast", and then click "Uninstall Trade Forecast". 
Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to removal program.