Program for trade forecasting

Using of this program increase chanses of trader in right decision-making

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The project Trade Forecast looks for analysts!



Sale of analytic forecasts through our system.

Goal of analyst:

Publication of trade forecasts.


Income of analyst:

50% of forecast’s cost.


Conditions of cooperation:

1.                       Analyst is to be registered on the site www.tradeforecast.biz  in the analyst’s room and must have the questionnaire fully fulfilled.

2.                       During test work of the site www.tradeforecast.biz analytic forecasts will be available for users for free and on temporarily paid basis (bonus basis).

3.                       Analyst himself/herself shall determine the cost of his/her forecast within the acceptable framework from $0 to $100.

4.                       Analyst may determine the cost of forecast in the amount $0- then it will be available for all the users, which essentially increases the rating of the analyst himself/herself.

If the analyst has determined the cost of the forecast in the amount over $0, his/her forecasts review will be available through paid temporarily (bonus) system, meaning that forecasts review will be available for bonus money.

The system, depending on quantity of viewings of forecasts and quantity of negative or positive responses about them, regularly assigns rating points to each analyst. The higher the rating of the analyst and the less the cost of viewing of his forecasts, the higher the chances of pay-per-view posting of information placed by him.  Remember it!

 While service www.tradeforecast.biz works in a test mode the analyst, placing his/her forecasts, will be interested only in increase of his/her rating. During the test period of work of the service (temporarily), payment from users shall not be collected and the analyst will not receive cash means for his/her forecasts review respectively.

Payment for forecast review will be activated after commercial start of the project Trade Forecast. The analysts will respectively receive commission fee for the forecast review starting from the same moment.

After enactment of the project Trade Forecast into commercial mode of work the analyst will receive 50% of cost for each analytic forecast review. Payment of commission fee will be made on a monthly basis in the first ten-day period of the next month.

Administration of the site reserves its right on moderation of analysts’ forecasts and refusal from their placement in case of necessity.

   Attention! All the analytical forecasts are to include guidance for action on purchase or sale. If there is no concrete guidance, the forecast will not be allowed for publication.


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