Program for trade forecasting

Using of this program increase chanses of trader in right decision-making

केवल एक नज़र भविष्य में हमारा जीवन रद्द करती !  वाणिज्य, फ़ोरेक्स, आर्थिक पूर्वानुमान। फ़ोरेक्स, शेयर बाज़ार या कच्चे माल बाज़ार के ठीक पूर्वानुमानित वाणिज्य निर्णय। इस क्या है ?

Trade Forecast Project Looking For New Partners!

To engage in the Project all traders (both professional and amateur) working in the Forex Market.

Partner’s Task
To actively encourage traders to use the Trade Forecast software.

Partner’s Profit
Receiving commission fees in the amount of up to 50% of users’ payments.

Condition to Accrue Commission Fees to a Partner
The use of a Partner’s Promo Code by the end user when creating an account.

Detailed Description

The scheme of Partner’s work is simple:

  1. To distribute a Promo Code among as many Trade Forecast software users as possible
  2. To monitor the Promo Code status


In addition to this, the following rules should be kept in mind:

  1. An individual Promo Code is issued to a Partner once and for all. It is assigned automatically during the registration and is never changed.
  2. Commission fees are accrued on the active Promo Code within the first ten days of the next month. The fee is accrued only if a user enters the Promo Code before creating an account.
  3. The Partner must maintain the Promo Code validity him/herself in a timely manner
    1. The Promo Code is valid for one complete/incomplete calendar month.
    2. At the end of each month (after the 25th day of the month) the Partner can extend the Promo Code validity for the subsequent month. This can be done through the personal Cabinet or by clicking the link in the reminder message.
    3. No commission fees are accrued on the non-extended (inactive) Promo Code.         
  4. In his/her cabinet, a Partner can view the statements on all amounts accrued and paid.


 Please Note!
The Promo Code is not retroactive. In other words, the Promo Code does not apply to past payments. It applies to future payments only. 

A Sample Fee Calculation

Let us assume that a Partner was registered on 17 January, failed to timely extend the Promo Code validity for February and extended it on 7 February only.


Let us assume that a user made three payments with the Promo Code:

  • on 21 January for the amount of $50. Commission fee is $25.
  • on 3 February for the amount of $60. Commission fee is $0 (since the Promo Code is inactive)
  • on 13 February for the amount of $100. Commission fee is $50 (since the Promo Code was renewed on 7 February)


The remuneration fee amount will be $25 + $50 = $75


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