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Using of this information increasing chances of trader in making of right trade decisions.

 Only one look into the future will make senseless all of our existence! Trade forecasts, Forex market forecast, macroeconomic forecast. Correctly forecasted trade solutions for Forex market, stock market and raw materials market. What does it all mean? 
Trade!  The action that triggers the entire process of evolution.  Demand and supply are two components of prices the precise mechanisms and changes of which we will fortunately never learn. 

Forex market and exchange trade in assets.  This very area is our specialization in the context of real-time forecasting, when in the process of pricing the opinion of each direct participant of the market is taken into account.

How to earn on the Forex market?  In fact, everything is very simple.  All you need is to get into the majority.  If you sell you must sell together with the majority of the market participants, if you buy, the same should do the majority.  And if the reverse happens, unfortunately, you will lose a great deal, together with all those who remained in the ill-fated minority.

How to correctly make a forecast?  How to correctly forecast the situation?  How to forecast a correct trade solution? On the market which requires trade forecasts, be it a Forex market, a stock market (securities market) or a raw materials market, there are many participants; their exact number has not been counted so far and the price that you always see on the screen, which changes even quicker that every second, depends on the actions of each, note, each of the participants. In the works each fraction of a second something changes and depending on this SOMETHING DEMAND and SUPPLY changes each fraction of a second.   More simply, in the language of a trader, it is SELL or BUY.

Each fraction of a second someone believes that the price will go down and, respectively, starts selling and someone thinks that the price will go up and, correspondingly, starts buying.

The Trade Forecast software will indicate you the majority whose estimation your correctly forecasted trade decisions should comply with. 

The Trade Forecast software indicates you the emotional disposition of the participants of “SELL or BUY” market (“Amateur” function) for purchase or sale of currency, shares, indices, bonds at a certain period of time.   The Trade Forecast software allows to learn the average estimation of all participants within the framework/without changes, better, worse / (“Amateur” function) with regard to expected figures of trading indices and outgoing macroeconomic indicators.  The Trade Forecast software, if you consider yourself a professional and want to get precise data regarding forecasting of any financial instruments, will allow you (provided that you will choose “Professional” function) to send your precise numerical estimation regarding the forecast of any financial instrument and to receive an average precise numerical value of all market participants.  The Trade Forecast software takes into consideration the estimation of each market participant and determines the average indicator for a certain period of time.    With the help of the Trade Forecast software you can track the estimation of all market participants regarding all outgoing macroeconomic indicators.  The same way the Trade Forecast software processes and averages the estimation of each market participant.  If you turn on “Amateur” function and sent your estimation within the option “SELL or BYU” by currency pairs or by indices or within option “BETTER or WORSE” against the previous period with regard to macroeconomic indicators, the Trade Forecast software will process and average the estimation of all participants and will display on your screen the emotional disposition of the market in visual climbing up or down image “SELL- BUY”, respectively, by currencies, indices, shares and “BETTER - WORSE” against the previous period with regard to macroeconomic indicators. If you turn on “Professional” function you will need to specify your forecast in the numerical value to receive the average numerical forecast.  As a matter of fact, this information will turn to be more realistic than the real-time outgoing indicators, since the Trade forecast software is able to cover the greater number of market participants and directly determine the estimation of each of them. 

Let’s try it on the real example.  The entire sense of operation of the Trade forecast software is that if you want to learn the average estimation of all market participants that use the Trade forecast software, and, correspondingly, receive the access to the estimation of the majority you must specify your own estimation.  If you turn on “Amateur” function: You estimation will be expressed with two categories SELL or BUY absolutely by all currency pairs, shares, raw materials and stock indices.  The Trade forecast software will take into account your estimation, register it, process the estimations of all market participants, average the estimation of absolutely all participants who, like you, also use the software and within certain period of time will display on your screen the average indicator with the clear estimation of the majority market participants since only traders use the Trade forecast software.  Also, with the help of Trade forecast software you can learn the average estimation made by the market participants with regard to the quotation not only at certain period of time but also for 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 hours ahead.  For this reason you need to specify your own estimation, e.g.: now it is 1:00, what do you think will happen to the currency pair or index in 9 hours, i.e. 09:00? You believe that the quotation goes up. For this reason you need to click BUY, i.e. to specify your estimation regarding this quotation against the limits up and down in 9 hours, the software will process, average the estimation of all participants and as of this moment it will show you how the estimated price of currency changes in 9 hours. In one or two hours, you can learn what will happen to the quotation at 9 o’clock, i.e. in eight or seven hours.  Naturally, your estimation may change.  Respectively, you click SELL and the Trade forecast software processes and averages the estimation made by all the market participants and gives you the average value of up and down estimations of the market participants as at 09:00, i.e. in eight or seven hours depending on the time of registration of your estimation.  On the emotional climbing up and down diagram you will see the average up or down estimation of all participants as at 9 o’clock 24 hours before this time at any time depending on the time when the Trade forecast software registered your estimation.  The same way the Trade forecast software will display all data if you wish to learn the estimation of the participants as of 12, 15 24 o’clock in advance. Division of periods into climbs occurs identically to the interface of the trade terminal, i.e. 1 min., 5 min., 15 m., 1 hour, 4 hours, day, week, month. If you choose the “Professional” function the Trade forecast software will allow you to learn the average estimation of all market participants but not at the emotional level “Up or Down” or “Better-Worse” but as a certain numerical value.  Naturally, it will allow you to send your numerical forecast and receive the general average numerical value for all financial instruments, excluding the current time, simply stated “NOW”.  As of now the estimations may be registered and averaged only at the emotional level “Up-Down”, i.e. “Sell-Buy”, respectively.  The Trade forecast software will also allow you to learn the estimation of the market participants with regard to the development of the trade trend with the use of the “Professional” function.  You need to choose the option “development” in required window of the interface and specify your estimation with regard to time and price of the supposed global development of the trend, the same way the Trade forecast software will average the estimation regarding time and price of all market participants and will produce the average result of the supposed development in terms of price and time.

One of the most important data on the market that significantly influence all quotations are macroeconomic indicators.   As it is known, these data are periodic and the numerical value of their output predetermines whether the price of certain quotation(s), be it currency, shares or indices, will go up or down.   Each trader wishes to know the indicator in numerical expression against the previous period, at least, whether it will be better or worse, since this factor predetermines the future action: what to do with quotation — to sell or buy.  Each market participant makes the trade forecast substantiated by something on the basis of which a trade decision is taken whether to sell or buy, and with its numerical indicators regarding output the outgoing news confirms whether the trade forecast has been correct and, respectively, whether the decision regarding the transaction has been correct.  Each macroeconomic indicator is a sort of average result of the survey of a certain part of the participants of the market and not only the currency or the stock market but also all branches of the economy of any economic area with regard of any economic theme.  For example, Personal income in the USA. Changes of this indicator characterize the state of consuming capacity of the population. The growth of its value under normal level of expenses may lead to the growth of the volume of retail sale, which is positive factor for the development of the national economy and cause the growth of the exchange rate of the national currency.  This indicator is determined by means of spot survey, say, nth number of families in the USA in terms of increase or decrease of the level of their income. On the basis of these data the indicator is determined; it may be unchangeable, worse or better compared with that of the previous period.  The Trade forecast software allows any participant to take part in the survey.  It means that each market participant may specify his/her opinion regarding the output of this macroeconomic indicator. You may specify your opinion within the option “Without changes, better or worse” compared with the previous period, using “Amateur” function or to specify your forecasted numerical value regarding output of the macroeconomic indicator, using “Professional” function.

The Trade forecast software will register your opinion, the opinion of all users of the software, average it and display on the screen the average result at a certain period of time and for a certain period of time selected directly by each user in the required window of the interface.  If the output of the indicator is expected for the USA, then as of this period of time you will see the average result of estimations regarding this indicator worldwide, as well as by selecting in the window of the interface you may see the average result for users in the very USA, since the indicator is provided for this very economic area and, naturally, you will be interested in the estimation of the participants of this very economic area.  The software will identify the location of the IP address of each participant by the country of stay, sort and average the estimation globally and in a certain economic area.  Accordingly, the more users of this software the more precise the result will be. The result may entirely be more precise than the official macroeconomic indicators since macroeconomic indicators are based on the small random amount of data and the software may process the estimation of absolutely all persons wishing to participate in a survey.  The use of this software will significantly increase your chances in taking correct trade decisions.

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